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Code of Practice

Privacy policy
Your personal details like full names, addresses of places, phone numbers or credit card details are not stored on this website. There is no will or technical possibility to retrieve any of your details which you have provided. GB Photography will not share, sell or rent your personal information's to any kind of third parties. There is no telemarketing, letterbox dropping in or sending unwanted emails practises in use. Your details remaining your private property and once provided, they are used for requested business servicing, contact or delivery of your photos purposes only.

Pricing and Packages
Prices and content of services and packages are valid and guaranteed on the date of your photography service offer issued. Due to website updates GB Photography reserves the right to change prices and content of the online offer. The services are upgraded periodically to achieve complete satisfaction of customers and to offer better and more competitive photographic services. Changes are considered as development, not as any kind of market manipulating practises.

Booking Procedure and Payment
1. Pre-event consultation regarding type and specification of service provided is essential.
2. A Photography Contract must be signed to ensure legal rights of parties.
3. After satisfactory agreement the requester have to pay a booking deposit.
4. Depending on the service or package, another (one or more) pre-event payment has to be done by the requester before the event day.
5. On the event day photos are taken with full responsibility for quality, and exactly as described on the pre-event consultation.
6. Within 20 to 60 working days after the event, customer is receiving details required to preview the online proofs.
7. Once the photos are ready for delivery, the customer pays the remaining amount of the total agreed amount and receives the final product.

As described under Australian Statutory Law, all copyright to photographs taken are solely the possession of GB Photography. Your photos are strictly for personal, non commercial use only, unless your Photography Contract indicates any permissions given.

Proofs and Photos Presentation
An online access service is provided to you to present your photos taken on your event. You will be supplied with a user name and password, which will allow you to preview the images and to select your photo album or printed photos package content.

Changing your term, Service Cancellation and Refunds
You can change one time the term of your event free of charge. Photographer availability on the new term must be confirmed while you are lodging your request. Second change of your term will require $100 additional surcharge. Cancellation of service must be lodged on written or electronic mail (email) document. If for any reason you will cancel your contract with intention that the service will not take effect at all, refund will be deposited to you if the cancellation notice will be lodged before 7 days from the date of signature on your contract. After mentioned 7 days a cancellation fee will apply. The cancellation fee is equivalent to the amount of your booking deposit. Pre-event payments made will be refunded to you by direct deposit or bank cheque, issued up to 30 days after the date of the cancellation notice.

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